Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Playing with food...

My friend Dao recently made up a new sandwich. He called it "THE McGANGBANG"!

A McGangBang is what you get when you jam a McDonald's Junior Chicken Sandwich in between a McDonald's Double Cheeseburger! He was quite proud of his creation and I thought it was genius, so I decided to make a cupcake version of the McGangBang.

The McGangBang!

Dao suggested I jam a cupcake into an eclair, but I suggested a Jos. Louis! A Jos. Louis is very sandwich-like!

So I happened to have an extra black bottom cupcake and I picked up a Jos. Louis at the corner store (I almost went for the SUPER Jos. Louis...but refrained).

Delicious Black Bottom Cupcake with a Cream Cheese Centre

Mr. Jos. Louis

Of course this creation needed a name, and it needed a dirty name! So since there is a cream cheese center in the cupcake and a cream filling in the Jos. Louis, I came up with.....



BJ Cream Explosion Post-Explosion

And I ate it and it was delicious!!!!

1 comment:

  1. The McGangBang - haha classic!
    However I would have called the dessert: The Black Bottom Cream Pie (sounds dirtier)