Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cupcake Liners

While a cupcake has to taste good, I think it actually has to look good too. I'm all about the whole kit-and-caboodle! And I like things to look pretty. Sooo...that set me off on a quest to find pretty cupcake liners.

First I tried Loblaws, and then the Bulk Barn, and then Michael's, The Great Glebe Emporium, J.D. Adam and every other baking, cooking or supplies store I could think of. All I could find were the plain ol' white cups, silver and gold cups, ugly pastel cups, and cheesy 'themed' cups. Nothing fun or different...not even just plain colours.

I've seen many pictures of cupcakes with dark brown liners and I thought that they were the most beautiful and elegant things and I really wanted some of my own. So, after A LOT of googling and researching online, I finally found a great CANADIAN site that sells a whole array of pretty cupcake liners as well as cupcake and baking supplies.

I got a little over-whelmed and wanted to buy ALL the different liners, but I whittled it down to about 8 different kinds (which is still A LOT!...I'm very indecisive!). I placed my order and sat patiently waiting for them to arrive....

Finally, earlier this week THEY ARRIVED!

I opened up the box and there they were all nestled in a lovely bed of pink tissue new cupcake liners! It was an exciting day! :) Who knew someone could get so excited about PAPER! (I just checked the website today and there are a whole bunch of NEW liners. OMG...I might need to place another order...yikes!)

I definitely think these liners will add that perfect finishing touch to all of my cupcakes and I'm excited to start baking with them!!


  1. Just wondering whether the cupcake liners you got from ACupCakery have any strong dye/ink odor. I bought some from CakeWithLove and the seller assured me that the smell will not be present after baking in them... (I am currently airing them hoping the odor will dissipate.) She also assured me that the dyes used are food grade. This is my first attempt to go fancy with liners and I am a little concern. How are your liners performing? Hope you can help.
    Please email me at Thanks.
    Alison Chong
    (sorry using my husband's email to send you this message)

  2. has a smaller selection, but they're a lot cheaper

  3. Way too expensive!

  4. I just bought some from They are MUCH more reasonable!! The other sites are so expensive!