Thursday, March 26, 2009


So, I've finally taken the 'blogging' plunge! I read a ton of blogs, all my friends have blogs, so that made ME want MY OWN blog! you can guess, this blog will be all about things CUPCAKE!

I recently got asked why I like cupcakes and the answer is simple (apart from being soooo delicious)...they let you be creative, which is something that I pride myself on being. There are so many aspects to a cupcake - the cake, the frosting, the filling, the 'look', the liners, the taste -that let you be creative and try different things, which is definately something that I like doing! So it's a perfect fit. Even though cupcakes are something that I've recently just fallen into, it's something that I've become a little obssessed about!

Soooo...come back often and see what's new in my cupcake world!

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